Board of Directors

Maureen A. Dunn, President
Anastasia Orfanoudis, Vice President
Linda Macri, Secretary
Eileen T. Lange
Jose Francisco de Leon
Fabian Painemilla
Hon. Eric Tijerina
Paula Verdun


Why We Serve As Board Members

PASO is the only symphony orchestra dedicated to bring the depth and richness of Latin American music to the Nation's capital.  As a Hispanic professional, serving on PASO's board allows me to contribute my skills in law and business management to an organization that provides Hispanic artists significant performance opportunities to showcase their talent -- like performing at the Kennedy Center. - Hon. Eric Tijerina

PASO is a unique orchestra in the DC area.  As a South American, I take special pride in seeing repertoire that includes South American composers in every concert. As a Board member, I serve as an ambassador for PASO, bringing many friends and family to concerts, and promoting PASO whenever I can! - Paula Verdun

PASO is a homegrown gem! The annual DC Tango Festival is so much fun. Being a board member offers me a chance to be part of this incredible creative energy. I can use my background in marketing and event planning to help advance the orchestra's mission. - Anastasia Orfanoudis

Serving on PASO's board of directors is very satisfying not only because I love what PASO does, but also because as a lifelong student of Latin America, I am helping to promote a wider understanding of the rich culture and valuable artistic contributions of our neighbors to the South.  - Maureen Dunn

Serving on PASO's board has been very rewarding to me.  As an artist, I am able to offer my artwork and design skills for fundraising and  gala events. PASO's music is uplifting and powerful.  It truly moves us.  I am thankful to have been part of this exciting organization for so many years. - Eileen T. Lange